Dear Alchemediums,

We have just moved through one of the most significant Festivals in the Spiritual Calendar. On the first full moon in Taurus, on May 9th to be precise, was the Festival of Wesak. This is an annual feast, essentially drawn from Buddhism, and a profound ritual for remembering the divine precepts of the Enlightened One. This year was specifically vowed to uplift suffering on our planet, particularly with regard to ‘religious tolerance and peace’.

In ALCHEMY terms this means the transmutation of all suffering into joy, of all fear into love, of all stricture into freedom, of all thought into feeling ~ and so be it.

Friends, at this time we are requested to consciously gaze at the vision of the Enlightened One, to perceive the love that is received in answer, to regard all sentient life as one ~ in love, in peace, and in joy; for joy in ‘soul essence’ is truly our divine inheritance. Joy is the plane on which the ancient Ascended Masters roam.

To assist this enchantment for now-time, I have reformed the essential precept teachings of Buddha into three self-help alchemical experiences. These techniques help us turn chaos into coherence:


  1. Draw experiences into your life that produce higher vibrational feelings, such as ecstasy, love, joy and creative desire. These will uplift any victim tendencies you may have, transmuting all doubt into victorious living of the heart.
  2. Create relationships where you receive love, and similarly produce loving responses in the world of nature. This may be with friends or family, pets, or respectfully tending the kingdom of nature. Dispel those relationships that are no longer filled with love
  3. Daily MEDITATION & CHANTING OM will reduce all stress.


Review life in acceptance of all conditions as being part of the natural cycles within your living. Even features that you may wilfully choose to change ~ in so doing you will release resistance which always holds our energy back, creating disharmony. Release the suffering through Sound Healing.


Science has proven that the harmony of the heart produces an electro-magnetic energy field 5,000 times greater than the human brain. This affects the magnetic matrix of our living planet. Therefore, derive all of life by making choices from the heart with joy. Dowse life through your heart, by making all choices from your heart, and not your head. This releases past pain, encourages true self-healing, and creates harmonic coherence throughout the whole of your organic being. In turn, your field of light will chant out your joy, contributing to the life of all living things and healing our planet. And remember, it only takes 11% of the population to create a radical change.

Our work wills a new paradigm into co-creative existence, that of Global heartfelt coherence, and in order to illustrate the notions of coherence please watch:


Love & Light