Hello dear friends,

I wrote the enclosed just after my birthday on May 6th, and oh what a joy that was-to be surrounded by loving friends-I was reminded of how pure and delicate our hearts are, and how wonderful Tiramisu can be!

I am blessed by a wonderful life, friends, guides, teachers – all who help me shape my creative purpose and open my heart more and more. In this reverie, I turned my mind to the LAW OF DETACHMENT.

Detachment offers us the wisdom of uncertainty. It removes us from the conditioning of our past, which can so often be like a prison, and not a magical cave,

When we dance with uncertainty we glide in a stream of well being-the flow of force at the core of the multiverse-that opens us to the infinite field of unfolding possibility. In these moments of ‘now’ we truly and only surrender to the creative mind that lies at the heart of the Cosmos!


A. Meditate on allowing the behaviour of others to simply be the freedom that your heart wishes them to be; stop the notion of ‘control’, which is an illusion.

B. To be uncertain is to truly be secure. SE-CURE means SELF-CURE

c. Remain open to the field of possibility, where lies an infinity of choices, and true joy, magic, adventure and the mystery of the Crystal Cave.