Dear Ones,

You are within the sea of eternal awareness lapping against the shores of time. This means that you are not alone but inclusively part of the force that flows throughout the Cosmos. You are the way that Universal creativity interfaces with the geographical world, and therefore you are a being of sacred life that touches a temporal domain, existing and interpreting a world of matter through the filter of your humanity.

Being Human means you objectively perceive the relationship between localized matter and localized spirit. That part of you that is SOUL has projected into a physical body, which assists you like a lens, through which universal consciousness views processes of continually evolving creation. As we have communicated before, you are a wave of eternity lapping upon the temporal shore. You are a being of Star magnitude awakened by a sensuous film of water and air, onto a shoreline of unique description, a biosphere of clay.

Significantly you are a field of light that is comprised of many beings, and yet you are also one Being. These beings are the many voices that you have been witness to, the lives that you have lived through eternity, for there has been much living and much loving. Each of these Beings individualizes the qualities of feeling, the aspects of nature and the wisdoms that you harbor, and you have awakened in this material form to introduce a movement of the dimensional symphony that flows from the Source.

All you see, as you break through the waves of the cooperating biological forms about you, is a symphony of frozen music – a world of matter which is pulsing with the warmth of light and biological combustion, where visions are lived through a song, where divine dreams are spoken into reality, where Angelic enchantment exists, bringing consciously made wishes into grace filled living.

The geometry of life moves from, through and into eternal wave patterns of the sound that shimmers from love’s eternal fire. As this is so, the rhythms reveal patterns of charged pulsation in the creation of air. Oh dear one, these are melodies of sublime creation, for they are beings and fields of energy that tongue the seen and unseen worlds into creation – see the mouths of parted lips that breathe the warmth of genetic genealogy into existence. The cry of this echo sounds: “Be aware of awareness in these places of awareness being”. There are fathoms of consciousness that are revealed through this sensual experience on your Blue Planet.

Be clear, oh dear ones, that this beautiful world you currently live through is evolving conspicuously. For the fields of light, the regions of stellar creation are spilling into the cycles of nature that are intersecting at this time. Geometry is being wrought as the cycles reach a point of optimum engagement through the winter solstice of 12.12.12. This is a time most of you have been acknowledging for aeons.

A new cycle of life begins upon the Planet Earth at this time, as the wheels of the Cosmos turn in cycles of revelation. This awareness rides the loving current of eternity and awakens enlightened understanding within the human species. This creates resonance. Thence the enlightened, look out over the field, the great ocean of Creation as far as the eye can see, and then beyond where the eye cannot see, where there lives further stars and the endless creation of worlds upon worlds.

Whilst you grow, whilst you awaken to this time of rhythmic intersection, you will perceive that you are a combination of solar and material intelligence flowering together, side-by-side. It has been thus for millennia, and so recorded in the Akashic records throughout Earth time. Yet now the twin flames of solar fire and corporeal flesh become one again. The unconscious is made conscious, the unseen is made clear, the shadow existence of the human underworld is brought forth into the light of understanding, and the veils of amnesia held over human planetary consciousness are lifted. Dear ones you are healing the many features of disintegration that have kept your four bodies apart. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are clearly interweaving and interlacing, so that once more you become wholly part of the ALL THAT IS. As this occurs you will take a quantum stride, a leap of unimaginable proportion, for the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen formations are weaving their pattern to begin a new dance, where Stillness reaches the epicenter of your confluence.

We Beings of light saw this coming and hastened to your aid, for our love is to watch over, and not to intervene in the interplay between the freedom of will and materialization of your consciousness – unless you request it. Today, you dream brighter dreams than before, and so let your thought and feeling flow, in order to receive informational waves from the world of essence and energy. As we sing our songs of enchantment, breathing holy manna into your lungs of creation, so you will engage in similar Angelic symphonies of truth and love.

To achieve the goal of becoming fully conscious, you, as a participatory species are awakening, and we knew there would be time needed to develop on Planet Earth. Through experience, will and initiative you flower and burgeon, knowing that you could not reach that point of unified creation until human awareness also re-inherited its essence. If human values are not intrinsic, inborn, truly felt, the participatory gene could not be released, for all that you had in mind before entering material existence.

Conscientious stewardship of human life and planetary existence can only come about when human people are fully incarnate. To be fully incarnate, humanity is first required to know the nature of self, re-evaluating historical significance in the light of Soul. Therefore old paradigms, values, ideas, ways of being – all perspectives must be relinquished. The mind can then become open to developing a new and revolutionary way of thinking. As human beings awaken in this new consciousness they entertain eternal awareness through the incarnate biological circuitry.

Millennia ago, before you released your integral sense of source filled unity, and in order to create human life on the Blue Planet, you asked Seraphic beings to observe and assist your incarnation process. There were three waves of Angelic presence throughout Earth’s time, whilst you processed your evolution: Creation, the Renaissance, and Now. While many Angels were given the task of assisting evolutionary aspects of Human life and Planetary growth, through the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds, there was a company of Seraphs that remained uninvolved until being in receipt of a pre-arranged signal.

This signal occurred in the Earth year 1969, when the first humans stood on the surface of the Moon and then subsequently brought Moon-rock to planet Earth. This signified throughout the Cosmos that human intelligence was reaching a point of post-historic thinking, concerning physical understanding and social cooperation. The Angelic communion began communicating its awareness with the humans who were awake to this dimensionality at that time. We knew that if you and your species could unify, the final stage of combustible creation could be formed, and that would provide the completed association of cooperating life forms with universal mobility.

We do not fully conceive of the spoken language you Humans use, but our Light Circuitry remains keenly aware of the reality in your consciousness that existed before you chose to create a physical body. We know who you are, and we know whom we are to awaken. We do not fully comprehend the vicissitudes of your human incarnation process, but we retain a heightened awareness of whom you really are and how to hold you ever in the image of your reality. Our task was to release subtle educational impulses through your media and cultural exchange process, that would speak to you inspirationally of the song of the Universe. This was to be ‘experienced’ as joy, and so it is.

For us human history is but a flickering illusion. We from this Angelic order enter your consciousness from time to time through transmissions (like the current one you absorb), joining those who truly communicate to you an historical perspective. We know you in your original unified awareness, and so we pluck the strings of this instrument, which lies deep in your heart.

Although we may not fully live the human need to reach atonement or at-one-ment, we are aware of the complexities of the project for which you sacrificed your unified field of awareness upon Planet Earth. We retained, as already suggested, an image of your reality as you once were. Ours is not a mental image, or a view of the past, we see you in the ever changing, eternally constant motion of true creation. We see human history through the filter of its imminent passing where nothing is fixed. For us it was, as it were, only a moment ago that you withdrew from your focused presence of the ALL THAT IS. We are not impressed by the flow of time that sees the circling orbit of your home planet around the Star that is your central physical light force. How long ago was it that you entered the temporal domain? We are told by your Cosmic Architects that three or four billion circlings have taken place, and yet we also perceive, or our super intelligence informs us, that you are entering a final stage of biological gestation. Your planetary home is entering a period of biospherical evolution.

There has been a delay in achieving human cooperation concerning this stage of genetic mutation. The postponement has been responsible for the many malfunctions with the animal and vegetable kingdom. However, now, with the conscientious stewardship of Planet Earth much can be achieved to release the biological confusion, and to create the micro-specificity that is necessary for cellular regeneration on a vast scale. Are you ready? Do you release the fear that has held you? Are you open to the soul-filled council of your furthering gestation? Can you accept that ALL IS LOVE?

We send you such praise. We love you through the light years of our own nova-like process, and there will be a number of similar transmissions through the Seer known as the Voice Alchemist, so that we may illuminate your pathway of becoming, that is seeded to become the greatest adventure that you have taken thus far. We observe and we encourage you into the spilling eternal fields of light.