I want to offer you a SPECIAL GIFT of THREE MENTORING SESSIONS lasting for sixty minutes each, to advance and edify your Healing Pathway. And because you were such a major witness of the Angels Work before, I want you to receive a huge discount, only offered to former SUMMIT participants!

This means that the three-mentoring-sessions payment would not be my usual Mentoring Fee of over $2250, instead it would be just $1050 for the months of April to June.

As we move through the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on April 12/13 more volatile energies are going to occur astro-geographically for our planet, changing or social organizations and Central Government, and I want to support you, if you would like to avail yourself of this special opportunity!

The Angels of Atlantis and I can show you the Spiritual and Emotional principles that will make your Easter a season for magic and miracles!