Exercises and meditations to further the Ascension process This is a unique light-body workbook, with twelve beautiful illustrations, gifted to us through the sands of time by the Egyptian Mystery Schools. It will assist you to upgrade healing and freedom within your Energy Matrix, using twelve essential keys that serve as Cell Codes, providing you with a powerful GPS to navigate all times of tumultuous change. Living with this information will light up the path of your true potential, lifting you to a higher octave of spiritual maturity. Angels and the Keys to Paradise demonstrates how the Angel Heart Sigils of Atlantis may be used in conjunction with twelve keys - or codes - that were discovered in Tutankhamun's tomb, and used for Osirification. These Ascension Keys also appear as hieroglyphs on the walls of the great Temple of Karnak in Luxor. They provide you with a way to unlock your door to heaven, bringing forth the quintessential power of the Angelic Communion, so that you may acquire such joy and abundance. Living thus means you will navigate your way towards a new way of being and, by working with these keys, you will become a 'shining one' - a Human Angel - thus uniting your Divine self with your Human self.