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by Stewart Pearce

The Awakening CD

The content of this MP3 is a journey of easily accomplished exercises, guided by Stewart’s voice and designed to create an embodied, magnetic voice, rich with gravitas and well being. This recording has been described as being ‘transcendent’, and will truly draw everyone to the essence of their note. You may purchase the CD from Stewart Pearce directly by clicking the “buy now” button below.

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by Stewart Pearce

Initiation CD

INITIATION is the second stage in this temple of sound healing. Stewart’s reassuring voice will guide you through the sonic codes that open the Eight Chakras, dispensing our individuality into the field of ‘unity consciousness’, and moving us into a deep immersion with the Universal Heart. Thenceforward every choice will have to arise from your HEART, and the love of the Angelic realms will help you shape the very fabric of your destiny.

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Voice : Stewart Pearce
Music: Ali Calderwood

INCANTATION MP3Incantation appears as a free download in celebration of Global Unity as a gateway for love & joy.

Each recording is designed to convey devotion, healing, and inspiration from the Angels of Atlantis. For thousands of years the Angels have transmitted the delight of the Soul’s ability to bridge between Divine discernment and Human reasoning. Each sounding the Lords Prayer in Aramaic, the Twelve Angelic Codes in Hebrew, and the Gayatri Mantra, hear spoken in Sanskrit represents one of the sacred language codes of humanity, and whose harmonies will bring about profound healing.

Ali is an accomplished musician, producer and healer who has released seven albums under the name of Anima. Through spending the last 15 years immersed in energy healing and shamanism, he has a unique perspective on sound and vibration and its ability to bring about transformation and healing.

This recording holds three tracks: each produced by Stewart’s richly resonant voice, spoken in a state of profound devotion to the Source, and superbly accompanied by Ali Calderwood’s supernal music:

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  2. THE LORDS PRAYER in Aramaic
    Download (.mp3 9.63 MB)
  3. THE GAYATRI MANTRA in Sanskrit
    Download (.mp3 7.44 MB)

Each recording is designed to convey devotion, healing, inspiration, and transformation and much more from the Angels of Atlantis, in the Temple of Sound Healing known as THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE. For thousands of years the Angels have transmitted the delight of the Soul’s ability to bridge between Divine and Human energies, and since Stewart’s meeting with them in 1987. Each sounding represents one of the sacred language codes of humanity, and whose harmonies will bring profound healing from the Source.


by Stewart Pearce

These six inspirational Meditations, with evocative names such as “Heaven’s Gate” and “Archangelic Sona”, accompany the practical work offered in THE HEART’S NOTE. Stewart’s reassuring voice will guide you through the easily accomplished soundings, which will provide powerful insights into the knowledge of the heart as the seat of the soul. Using the Meditations at sunrise and sunset will create a life filled with harmony and well-being. For you see in ancient numerology the number six is the powerful vibration of the Archetypal Lovers – the meeting point between Heaven and Earth.

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Voice : Stewart Pearce
Music : James Frost

This is a trilogy of work entitled ANGELIC OM HEALING, comprising of

  1. PART ONE : Transmuting Emotional Chaos
  2. PART TWO : Heart Clearing
  3. PART THREE : Heaven’s Portal

Stewart’s resonant voice channels a gentle and cascading OM – the primo mobile – which humbly transmits the bliss of the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis. These Angels expressly come at this time, to convey their exquisite love and joy through Divine Sona. This force downloads immunity from the Source, to help us heal the emotional chaos of our lives, and to feel the bliss of connection with the Source opening our hearts for sublime loving nectar.

Through the repetition of this sacred syllable, harmony, well-being, stillness and flow will occur, guiding us to cultivate true peace and joy.


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by Stewart Pearce

THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS SOUL CALLS CDThe Angels flock to us in thousands at this time. To lovingly remind us of the scintillating infinite potential we possess. Angels as messengers align us with the ultimate field of love and joy that is the Source – for they love for the sake of love. So they remind us that our hearts are the USB connection for the ultimate download – to live in the seat of the soul as a higher form of consciousness. Pure love is the highest vibration of the Cosmos, and therefore the highest octave of human expression.

Stewart has communicated with the Angels of Atlantis since 1987, and these Malachim Angels gave Stewart a Temple of Sound Healing known as THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE – a canon of work that inspires us to know our individual signature note as a liberating facet for the whole of our being. This note is the ‘song of our soul’, and therefore calls us back into Divinity, whenever life takes us from our essence.

Stewart’s latest recording, issued especially for the season of peace and goodwill – Christmas 2014 – contains the SOUL CALLS of the twelve Angels of Atlantis. These ‘calls’ are designed to assist deep meditation, for they charge our cellular body with the electrification of the Angels of Atlantis. Thus they bring the unique presence of the Angels deeply within our hearts!

In each SOUL CALL you will hear Stewart’s voice chanting the name of the Angel in repetitive passionate devotion, whilst resonating the exquisite harmonics of each name as a sonic glyph. All these sound pleasures was artfully interwoven by the wondrous Katie Rose, who arranged and directed Stewart as channel.

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VOICE: Stewart Pearce copyright 2014
MUSIC: Katie Rose – Composer, Arranger & Producer ©copyright Katie Rose 2014
SOUND EFFECTS: sourced from Mike Koenig at Sound Bible.

Please contact Stewart for translation or explanation of any of the items.