Hello dear friends,

Excitedly, for the third year running THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE has been invited to appear at the 32nd MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL in London, at the Royal Horticultural Hall, Greycoat Street,Westminster: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk

Mind Body Spirit

The Festival lasts from MAY 21-26 and hosts lectures, workshops and exhibitions from leading contributors to the evolving field of Wisdom Well Being on our Blue Planet.

VOICE ALCHEMY will be presented on May 24th in workshop from 15.30-17.30, and so do come along and bask in the might and beauty of your note, through leading edge sound healing. I will be there sounding as much clarity, and as much truth as my heart will hold.

If you have attended before, there will be new ‘sona information’ given about how sound harmonises through the space of our being, creating stillness, integration and uplift-ment. Also, certain ANGELIC CODES recently received will be given, to promote cellular growth, accelerating our DNA’s ‘hard-wiring’ to accomodate more light for evolutionary purposes, so as to ingest even greater love from the stream of well being in the universe,the flow of force ~ the infinite field of unfolding possibility.

Love & Light…………..Stewart