lasting for sixty minutes via zoom

MENTORING with STEWART is a healing art that I’ve defined over the last 40+ years. Healing is a movement back to wholeness!

Mentoring means inspiring, planning, guiding, directing, informing, and transforming the mentee into the realization of their hidden secrets, their amazing talent, their unique skill, or their infinite creativity.

Thank you so much for connecting with the successful Summits I’ve offered over the last few years, when I was so pleased to meet you, and I wanted you to know that your name is still on my PRAYER LIST!

I want to offer you a SPECIAL EASTER GIFT of THREE MENTORING SESSIONSlasting for sixty minutes each, to advance and edify your Healing Pathway. And because you were such a major witness of the Angels Work before, I want you to receive a huge discount, only offered to former SUMMIT participants!

This means that the three-mentoring-sessions payment would not be my usual Mentoring Fee of over $2250, instead it would be just $1050 for the months of April to June.

As we move through the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on April 12/13 more volatile energies are going to occur astro-geographically for our planet, changing or social organizations and Central Government, and I want to support you, if you would like to avail yourself of this special opportunity!

The Angels of Atlantis and I can show you the Spiritual and Emotional principles that will make your Easter a season for magic and miracles!

Stewart’s sessions can include:

  • Soul Readings
  • Angelic Sonic Healing
  • Dream Interpretation & Past Life Guidance
  • Spiritual Intelligence and challenge resolution

Stewart’s sessions can include:

  • Soul Readings
  • Angelic Sonic Healing
  • Dream Interpretation & Past Life Guidance
  • Spiritual Intelligence and challenge resolution

In most mentoring situations the beautiful people who come want to know:

  • Who am I? 
  • Why do I feel stuck in my creative flow?
  • I feel something huge is appearing on my creative horizon, and yet I can’t quite see it
  • What is my purpose, or how can I fulfil my destiny?
  • Do I have Angels or Guides helping me?
  • I want to grow my QwtxHealing Business and yet don’t know how?
  • There is a book waiting to be written inside me, but I don’t know where to start
  • This karmic holding point keeps coming up, and I want to heal it…..help!
  • Should I start making videos about my Healing Art, and how?
  • Please, help me resolve this partnership it feels dead!
  • I really want a Business Partner to help me grow the product line…..where are they?
  • My presentation skills are not up to scratch…….please help?
Once you’ve paid one of Stewarts team will be in touch to schedule you session


What Clients Say…

“OMG! Stewart helped me resolve what would have taken thirty years of therapy, in two sessions, no on one, the other two remaining sessions left me telling Stewart how grateful I was!”  

TONY GRIFFITHS from Manchester UK

“I owe such gratitude to Stewart, who was so kind to me when I was in a ‘hellish’ state – broke, unwell, and so unhappy about my partner leaving me. Stewart gave me faith, hope and the ability to endure through resolution and healing. And my whole life has moved 180 degrees because of Stewart, I now have a really good job, my early-stage cancer is in remission, and I’ve just met the most gorgeous man!” 

REBECCA GRAY from New York City

“We all need Stewart in our lives! He turned my problematic situation on its head, and ABRACADABRA it all changed. I’m so indebted to Stewart’s brilliant, magical MENTORING!” 

BRUCE LITTLE MD of Major Software Company in Chicago, USA.