Hello dear friends,

Last month, in June the remarkable OPRAH WINFREY Global Media Leader and Philanthropist was invited to speak at the Stanford University: Class of 2008 Ceremony.

As usual, this inspirational mediator provides the students with a remarkable oration concerning the substance of fearless choice, and tireless learning ~ that our leading life lessons arise from our detours and greatest crises, rather than from our most profound joys.

Can we walk through life open to evolution, open to growth and compassion, open to realising ourselves in each moment becoming greater and greater ~ for what is life for?

Robert Browning said: “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for.”

LIFE is to journey forward optimising each moment with clear thought (as thought creates reality), and maximising our creative potential to the highest degree.

Bring love and hope, aspiration and discernment into each and every one of your moments……watch OPRAH she is scintillating!

Love & Light,