I AM SERENA is the remarkable and inspiring story of a woman’s courageous recovery from a Dissociative-Identity-Disorder. Raised in a satanic cult and subjected from infancy to covert mind-control experiments aimed at splitting her very identity, Serena Faith Masterson developed over three-hundred personalities in her courageous fight to stay alive and sane. During her forties, unaware of how different she was, whilst losing her children to foster care, Serena embarked on a program of self-healing, in order to rediscover her true essence and to bring her children home. Then, Serena met Norma Delaney, an energy facilitator working in partnership with Spirit, who helped Serena discover unconditional love for the first time. Norma’s infinite compassion, combined with her unending commitment, taught Serena how to love herself unconditionally, and the memoir of this nail-biting journey is now available in book form as an account of her twenty-year struggle to achieve personality integration. Serena’s story is one of pure triumph as she leads the reader through the counseling experiences and profound insights that brought about her transformation, sharing along the way the compassionate, spiritual wisdom that for her lit up the darkness by the light of her soul. We are honored to have Serena with us in Deep Dialogue!https://www.iamserena.net