Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara became a guide for leaders, way-showers, and changemakers – thereby contributing to field of intention on our planet, which at this time seeks to expand onto higher levels of resonance and consciousness.  Sara shines a light on the path of expansion, helping to move her clients beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience, to live as the Ascended Masters illustrate, whilst remaining completely grounded in the modern world.

Sara channels of The Council who communicate powerful wisdom teachings concerning how to be an ‘impeccable creation’. And she holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world, where all beings are living harmoniously in co-creation with every aspect of sentient life upon the planet. When asked, Sara helps those who are ready, to playfully reconnect with all that they are, so that life may be lived, with love, and direction during this time of the great ‘awakening.’