FINBARR ROSS Finbarr is a Celtic Mystic and the author of Sacred Mystical Journey – A Life Journey from Tragedy to Triumph. He is a modern-day spiritual alchemist, whose consciousness-raising work continues to inspire many worldwide. Finbarr’s wisdom, love, courage, and spiritual insight transforms and awakens the truth that we can all triumph, as he facilitates self-realization through the phenomena of awakened consciousness, the ascension process, the divine feminine, the second coming, the unified field of consciousness, and the Grail legends. He leads anchoring meditations with the golden flame of illumination as the three-fold flame that connects us to our soul’s destiny. To conclude, he leads sacred journeys, and Ascension/self-realization talks and meditations, through emotional healing and empowerment workshops, extolling the virtue of forgiveness within ourselves, as we embrace shadow complexes of our being.