RENAE PLANT Renae is the Director & Curator of the virtual award-winning Princess Diana Museum, which she launched in December 2019 This is the first virtual museum of its kind, which holds the largest collection of Diana’s most iconic personal artifacts, items which span Diana’s entire lifetime, with keen reference to her immense legacy via the Princess & The Platypus Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for children’s charities in honor of Diana. Post Diana’s death her personal belongings were sold at private auctions and scattered around the world, and it is Renae’s mission and passion to gather and preserve as many of her personal belongings as possible. Renae lives in Los Angeles and is also co-director of the ‘Camelot Kids Child Development Center’ which she shares with her husband Livinio, with whom she has three amazing children Ilan, Mateo and Deklan. In 2015 Renae was nominated “28th Congressional District Woman of The Year” by the US Congress for her unique charity work within the field of child education.