Bridgetti Lim Banda – “LIVING UNSEEN”

Bridgetti is a Livestream Producer, Talk Show Host, Global Goodwill Ambassador, and an Invisible Disabilities Advocate. Her most recent accomplishment was being involved as a contributor to a #1 best-selling Amazon Anthology entitled “Invisible No More, Invincible Forever More” compiled by Lynda Sunshine West. However, Bridgetti’s live-streaming career began whilst raising awareness for a Cape Town SA water crisis in October 2018; helping to alleviate the problem meant she was featured in several international media outlets. Today, Bridgetti helps individuals and companies to authenticate their brand, resulting in positive audience-engaging experiences which are galvanized by novel and ingenious video inclusion.WEBSITE: Bridgetti’s references are numerous and so please type her name and presto!

Topics: Spirituality