Adam Apollo is a Visionary, Educator, and a Futures Influencer who has served as Chief of Business Development for the ‘2020 Fund’, and organized WORLD PEACE Prayer Runs with indigenous elders and young people from all over North America. He is a cofounder of the UNIFY movement, which reaches 100M people each month, via two education-technology based companies: ‘Access Granted’ and ‘Superluminal Systems’. Similarly, Adam is an active faculty member, and the lead systems architect for the ‘Resonance Academy of Unified Physics’ and the ‘Guardian Alliance Academy’ teaching leading self-mastery programs, with an outreach of 150,000 young participants from all over the planet. Adam has also been included as a ‘Next Generation Leadership Ambassador’ at the White House, with NEXUS, and at the United Nations. Featured on GAIA TV, Coast to Coast AM, and via a number of feature films, Adam supports the development of a new quantum encryption system for ‘Crown Sterling’, advising many cryptocurrency initiatives. He is now building a decentralized social operating system that has a revolutionary 3D starship dashboard and regenerative impact engine for gamification of planetary transformation. Adam Apollo is wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.


Geoffrey Hoppe is the founder of the Global Crimson Circle Organization and is the channel for Adamus Saint-Germain. Adamus is an aspect of St. Germain, who uses this name to identify the work he does with the Crimson Circle. The current Adamus messages focus on the journey from Awakening into embodied Realization.
Through a series of “destiny events”, Geoffrey started his spiritual path in 1999 channeling a being called Tobias. The Crimson Circle became viral within a few months, growing internationally as Geoffrey and his wife Linda disseminated their unique information around the world. Then in 2009 Tobias incarnated back to earth, so that Adamus Saint-Germain could begin the guidance role for the Crimson Circle. Geoffrey has been featured in numerous podcasts, films, and full-length documentaries about all realms of spirituality, and he has authored five books.



David Bennett was once a brash young commercial diver, and Chief Engineer for the Research Vessel ‘Aloha’. His harsh personal philosophy was, “You cut your swath through life to survive.” But one night, he was caught in a violent storm off the California coast and drowned. Whilst technically “dead,” he met beings of light, relived his life, and peeked into his future, all resulting in a complete paradigm shift. Later in life, he discovered he had Stage IV lung and bone cancer—so advanced that his spine collapsed. Miraculously, he survived once again, and these brushes with death taught him more and more about living, loving, and how to live a life of ‘Contemplative Living.’

David enjoys the retired life of a public speaker, author, white light energetic healer, and podcaster. He has appeared on radio and television, including on ‘The Story of God’ with Morgan Freeman, Doctor Oz, Angels Among Us, NBC National News, and PBS.

Website: https://DharmaTalks.com