Alexandra is an Angelic Communicator, Spiritual Alchemist, Healer & Author who is devoted to normalizing the conversation concerning awakening spirituality and the established secular paradigms. Alexandra brings the ‘out there’ in here, with her down-to-earth approach to channeling higher wisdom, accessing the Akashic Field, and recognizing the truth of our divine nature within multi-dimensionality.Alexandra was the editor of ‘Prediction’, the UK’s longest-running holistic magazine, for years, and has appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and Sky TV’s ‘Feel Good Factor’, with a regular appearance in the mainstream press. She has recently published ‘Archangel Fire Oracle’ and ‘Archangel Alchemy Healing – The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe’ published by Findhorn Press. And her collection of poetry ‘Poems of Precious Wisdom’ and ‘The Poetry of Light’ are available through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


Bestselling Hay House author Radleigh Valentine has inspired audiences in countries around the world with the angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support. Author of eight card decks, including the bestselling Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards and Angel Answer Oracle Cards, his books Manifesting Your Magical Life and Compendium of Magical Things offer insightful, exhilarating lessons about how to manifest the life of our dreams and to find our own unique language for communicating with the Divine. An internationally known spiritual teacher and speaker, Radleigh has appeared at the Angel World Summit in London, Engelkongress in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and more than 12 Hay House “I Can Do It” events. Radleigh’s teaches a robust line of courses through which he infectiously enchants audiences with the message that each and every one of our lives . . . is magic!For more information, please visit


TARETH is a Modern Mystic, Grail Crystal Keeper, Spiritual Teacher and Musician, who arises from a lineage of profound integrity. As a Crystal Keeper Tareth has worked for many years aligning those we feel initiated, to receive the essence and nature of Divine composure, which essentially means to live as a Human Angel. Tareth believes that as we enter this Aquarian Age, we have a unique opportunity to truly embody Divine grace in human form. Tareth woke to the supernatural during a childhood near-death-experience, when Divine truth entered his young form, and since then he has been gifted with the ability to produce healing oil, and to work with celestial sona appearing from the great stones of remarkable Earth Energy sites such as Glastonbury Tor and Avebury Henge. His extraordinary abilities have been scientifically tested – which recorded his gift to manifest subtle forms of matter from the immaterial world of Spirit.


In 1969 Sheila almost died whilst giving birth to her third child, and post recovery she began to experience a volume of psychic phenomena, which eventually led her to be the channel for a communion of Twelve Angelic Light Beings known as THEO. THEO speaks with one voice and has assisted thousands of people, and notably Sheila was called upon by Esther Hicks as she herself began to channel the highly renowned ‘Teachings of Abraham’. Paramount to THEO’s teaching is the power of ‘soul integration’ as an authentic path to wholeness, and to what we conceive of as enlightenment. THEO directly guides the individual and collective consciousness through the challenges that are faced at this time of THE GREAT SHIFT. For over forty years Sheila has appeared on radio, television and to live audiences sharing the inimitable essence of THEO’s teachings, whilst also authoring two books: “The 5th Dimension: Channels to A New Reality” and “The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace” which was co-authored with Sheila’s husband Marcus. Her multimedia website and international community shares the wisdom of the angelic hierarchy to assist humanity as we aspire to higher levels of consciousness.

Kyle Gray – “Raising Vibration”

Kyle Gray is a spiritual teacher with a difference – with a love for streetwear, style and fashion, this modern-day angel whisperer brings an authentic and accessible approach to spirituality, and living a high vibrational life. Kyle is an international speaker and bestselling author of 7 books including the much loved ‘Angel Prayers’ and ‘Raise Your Vibration’. Kyle’s books and cards have been translated into many languages allowing his sacred work to reach far and wide across the

William Bloom – “Compassion As Magic”

William was co-founder and Director of ALTERNATIVES London, is a Fellow of FINDHORN, Europe’s leading center of eco-spirituality, and a Trustee of Glastonbury Abbey. William has published a number of books such as “Working with Angels, Nature Spirits and Fairies” and “Psychic Protection”