Xane Daniel is a Hathor Energy Healer, Publisher, Inspirational Speaker, Director of the “Higher Self Expo” and Content Director of COSMIC TV, who teaches how to raise our vibrational frequency and to step into our own power. His graphic novel series, RIGHTEOUS, and his modality Soul Essence Activation, are powerful catalysts on the pathway of enlightenment for readers and clients alike. Xane was once a highly successful Video Game Producer, and yet in 2013 he discovered a profound connection with a number of extra-dimensional spirits, and with particular regard to the Hathors, Arcturians, and Andromedans. Using his Soul Essence Activations Xane incorporates intention and sound harmonics to bring forth the soul’s essence, and raising the vibrational frequency for all through his unique unconditional love, therefore guiding clients to a place of rich inner peace and ascension. ​ https://www.xanedaniels.com