Unity is a cosmologist, mystic, shaman, and oracle for the neo-paradigm consciousness that is being birthed at this time. She has travelled extensively throughout Mother Earth, as a bundle carrier for the indigenous people, praying with water, working with ley-lines, crystalline grids, earth nodes, and teaching with the neo-paradigm communities that are emerging, who live in support of this new field of consciousness, allowing manifestation throughout the whole world – both within and without, animal, vegetable, and mineral. The oracular transmissions she shares serve to elevate human consciousness to a state of oneness & unity, whereby we unlock our collective super-abundance, by dissolving the perception of separation, thus supporting cooperative and collaborative energies to flow forth. These transmissions hold the gift of synthesis, uniting all cultures, all peoples, and all life, urging and supporting us to return to live harmoniously with the natural world.  Unity has a deep love for ‘the miraculous’, plays in the cosmic realms, and thereby passionately inspires people to tap into their own love, imagination and wonder, releasing their limitless capacities in order to create remarkable, sovereign, and self-empowered realities. Therefore, Unity’s hallmark words for life are coherence and creativity.https://www.facebook.com/unitytransmissions/