RJ is a metaphysical teacher and healer who in 2016 became permanently paralyzed from the chest down, requiring emergency life-saving surgery. His body was experiencing a deadly staph-infection that compressed his spinal cord, and created other challenges like type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, autonomic dysreflexia.

RJ spent 3 months in a hospital-rehabilitation center being given antibiotics, drugs, painkillers and receiving rudimentary physical therapy, but was given a zero chance of ever walking again. Today, RJ is no longer paralyzed – in fact, within the first 100 days after emergency surgery, he walked unassisted – as he had predicted in the ICU. RJ’s diagnosed illnesses and diseases have been resolved, after the mystery lethal infection that months of powerful antibiotics couldn’t cure.

RJ now reveals how to use energy healing to transcend suffering, find inner peace, and embrace the invincible Self. His work presents a unique seven-step system that guides you through the process of energetic attunement and neural rewiring to support your wellness goals, such as those related to physical illness, pain, depression, anxiety, addiction, and more.