MICHAEL is a teacher of mysticism, and host of the massively popular ‘Inspire Nation’ show, a transformational, self-help, spiritually focused YouTube channel and Podcast that has radically transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, via its over 2000 shows. Michael is a best-selling author, speaker, meditation coach, and the co-creator of the ‘School of Mystics’, alongside ‘AWE’ an Automatic Writing Experience. Illustrating how our life paths change, Michael is a former pro-athlete whose two near-death experiences completely changed his life. Michael’s NDE’s led him to a much deeper understanding of the life on Planet Earth and of our connection to a supreme, cosmic intelligence. Michael’s ‘Inspire Nation Show’ can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and many other podcast platforms. His websites are: https://www.InspireNationShow.com https://www.InspireNationUniversity.com https://www.AutomaticWriting.com