Psychologist, researcher, author, and has practiced as a hypnotic regression therapist for over 40 years. Through hypnotic regression she has guided thousands of clients to access their past lives, and the time between lives, helping them to understand the challenges of their souls, which are mostly repeated life to life, until they are healed into the one-ness of all. Dr. Backman also conducts training courses about past life, and between life regression and is adamant that our personal healing has a tremendous impact on the healing evolution of humanity, on the unity of all peoples. Therefore, she has made her transmissions about the awareness of soul, a major life priority.Dr. Backman is a frequent guest on Radio Shows such as “Coast to Coast with George Noory” and has been featured on the Dr. Oz TV program. Further still, Linda founded the RavenHeart Center in Boulder, Colorado, and has published into several languages “Bringing Your Soul to Light”, “The Evolving Soul”, and “Souls on Earth” – all through the Publisher Llewelyn. https://ravenheartcenter.com