ANNELOES SMITSMAN Ph.D. is a futurist, systems scientist, award-winning pioneer in human development, and a Global best-selling author. She is the founder and CEO of the EARTHwise Centre, and the architect of the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization. Anneloes was awarded the ‘Visioneers Lifetime Achievement Award’ in May 2022 and is also a winner of the ‘Africa’s Most Respected CEOs Awards’, by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius. She holds a Master’s in Law and Judicial Political Science from Leiden University and received her Doctorate from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation ‘Into the Heart of Systems Change’ is being implemented for global systemic transformation, in the field of economics, education, politics, and governance through her proposed transition plan for a ‘Thrivable Civilization’. https://www.earthwisecentre.org/ https://futurehumans.world/