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The Song Of The Angels | Mystic Mag

We had the privilege of chatting with Stewart Pearce - Master of Voice, Angelic Emissary, and Spiritual Wayshower. Stewart is synaesthetic - he not only hears sound he sees it too, and has been conscious of the multi-dimensional spirit world since the early years of life. “Voice Alchemy arises from the intelligence and compassion of the heart, and as sound is at the core of creation, this work tunes the personality of the voice with the breath

Expanding Reality Podcast

Join Stewart on the Expanding Reality Podcast! For more info please visit: Also Available on: Apple Podcasts : Spotify:


HERE IS A MAJOR Primetime PBS SPECIAL called ‘IN THEIR OWN WORDS’ showing August 8th at 8.00pm EST about the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, interviewing a number of premier people including STEWART PEARCE Voice Coach and Confidante to Diana in addition to being the author of the best-selling Amazon book DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE which explores the lives and impact of some of the most intriguing figures in recent history, combining exclusive


The secrets of the Earth are yours, for millennia ago you came to this planet as tiny children, and being nurtured grew to adulthood upon her skin. Your soul is constructed from the very fabric of the Universe, existing from the beginning of time, and so your spirit is part of her, just as ours is also. It is this link with Father Universe and Mother Earth that you will find significantly amplified through us, the Angels of Atlantis.

The Creative Power of Sound

Sound has an immense creative force. It is a prime component of molecular energy, affects matter and, therefore, has a dramatic impact on the landscape of the world within and without us. Indeed, from time immemorial it has been believed that sound is at the core of creation and shapes the universe within which we live. Dwell for a moment on the very truth of your birth – in a sense your first creative act. As you entered the world, your first independent action was to breathe, and then to make sound – the sound of your creation. Since then, each time you’ve made a sound you’ve re-created yourself!

O brave new world…

Internationally acclaimed sound healer and Prediction columnist Stewart Pearce looks to past events and the present world to discover whether we are heading for a shift in global consciousness as we move into 2013.

Spiritual Technology for the Shifting Point from The Angels of Atlantis

In a time when Mother Earth was one landmass - when all present continents were joined – the Angels administered sound as a catalyst of profound proportion. The Gaia was then inhabited by beings who had seeded her, and who utilized sound and light in harmonious healing spheres to bring transformation and information to all surface life beings - for sound transforms and light informs.


The Angels of Atlantis want to drench our lives with their inter-stellar intelligence, suffused with the purity of their unconditional love. They hover, waiting to show us that we are simply much more than that we first thought, felt or imagined. For they wish to bring us into direct communion with the Source. They wish to diminish within us the notion that we are separate from the ALL THAT IS.

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Reading with Stewart Pearce

How I came to interview Stewart Pearce is rather a rather metaphysical story, itself. I received a random email from apublicist at a book publishing company. The image in the email intrigued me soI cliqued on it. A video clip played as soon as my browser landed on the page. Iwas mesmerized by Stewart Pearce’s voice—smooth and full bodied, like a finewine. Then came the images of the orbs of light depicted on the cards in theOracle deck. The images were practically pulsing light through the screen! Ifelt an instant connection to the way Stewart, in our interview, described his encounter with the Angels during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 at Glastonbury Tor:


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