Dear Alchemediums,

On March 21st at the Spring Equinox, the season reaches its midpoint. Therefore, night and day, dark and light stand in perfect balance.

For those of you who experience seasonal affective disorder or SAD, you will be pleased to know that more light will be developing in the northern hemisphere. The young Sun God will celebrate the hieros gamos (or sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, and subsequently she will conceive the fruit of this union. Therefore, in nine months, she will become the Great Mother – a time of great fertility, new growth, and unabashed fecundity.


  1. Your true self is pure and unbounded consciousness – thoughts may come and go, and yet the core of your consciousness lasts forever. Perceive yourself as pure love and light, living in the peace and silence of the eternal force, that flows from your heart as the seat of the soul, to, from and throughout the Universe.
  2. All the events of your life reflect who you are – discover how all that you see in the exterior domain is a mirror of your interior. We may fully realize this through the law of attraction; this is a personal message from the divine that exists within and without you, teaching you about how out of touch, or in touch you are with Source.
  3. People reflect your inner processes – all whom you meet, whether it be those you love, or those you dislike, reflects an aspect or quality of you. Observe and meditate on which quality is associated with your higher self, and which your lower self. Learn, transmute and then move on.
  4. Wherever you apply your attention will expand – examine everything you give your attention to, whatever it may be, and notice that growth surrounds that substance. Then make a choice whether you are using your will for the highest good, for your joy filled creativity, and if not change your focus of attention.
  5. Nothing in the universe is random – look for the signs that give expression to your consciousness, and therefore to your personal power. Do you see love outside of you or are you feeling diminished? If scarcity exists, you are creating it and so why?
  6. The Universe will give you the best result – focus on the gifts in your life, rather than that you perceive to be chaotic, lacking in abundance or love, or not yet manifest. Entering into the spirit of GRATITUDE creates more love and expresses co-creativity.
  7. Your inner awareness evolves constantly – how are you growing inside? If you concentrate on the expansion rather than constriction, you will open your creativity in a manifold way, and miracles, as changes of perception, will occur.

Happy spring to you and a plentitude of creativity.

Love & Light,