May I Be Surrender
May I Feel Ecstasy
May I Love through Compassion
May I Live in the Romance of the Soul




Archangel Zaphkiel

Archangel Zaphkiel inspires us to great acts of sacred loving and thus governs the Second Chakra, which contributes to the depth of our relationship behaviors, and encourages us to feats of personal compassion and divine romance.

Zaphkiel arises from Venus, the Planet of Love, as seen in the icon, and always appears when we call, reminding us of the love that arises from deep within the Source, that in moments of life can be easily forgotten. This Angel moves us to find true compassion and ecstasy through the romance of life – those ideals of love that replenish our force – allowing us to surrender to passion, and pulsate with bliss and devotion for the Divine.



If we open our hearts and fully yield to these moments of divine passion, we may be amazed by what flows through us – for within these moments lies a sacred pact, rich with the potential for beauty, tenderness, creativity and grace. All we need do, is to yield to the pulse of the love-freedom, rather than holding back from the dance of life, in the fear that we will loose the object of our desire – fear of losing our rapport with God, what could be more strange?

When you petition Zaphkiel, the force of this wonderful Sacred Lover Archangel will automatically call you to the purpose of your life’s quest, and in so doing you will feel immediately transformed, moved by the force that lives at the centre of the Universe,

Therefore ask yourself:

  1. Are my mind and body open to reveal my soul’s passion?
  2. Can I easily surrender to the heart’s pulse, or do I hold back from this, by prescribing the outcome of the action?
  3. What play or pleasure do I engage in regularly to reveal the creativity of my love?
  4. Do I live in constant awareness of the deep love, compassion and ecstasy that soars through the Cosmos?
  5. Do I live and work to feel my sensual and sensory nature expanding?