May I Be Grateful
May I Source Security
May I Love Unendingly
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel as the DIVINE COMFORTER bestows beneficent wisdom upon us, allowing clear vision to take place over the obstacles that perpetuate the self-limiting beliefs we may hold – the impediments that stop us from enjoying spiritual abundance. Zadkiel not only shows us what needs to be brought forth into the light to be healed, but also clarifies how to intuitively heal it, which brings gratitude and security. So this exquisite Archangel, who governs the Tenth Chakra, and who arises from Uranus, teaches us to trust in God’s utter benevolence and guidance – to yield and let God comfort us.



Gaze on the serene countenance within the icon that heads this page – the image was chosen by the Angels of Atlantis to help you feel the implicit love and comfort of Zadkiel opening the Tenth Chakra of the Galactic Heart. Through the love of the Divine Mother, we may feel our consciousness drenched with compassion. Then ask yourself how you may wish to draw Zadkiel’s force deeper into your own heart, for when you petition Zadkiel, the force of this wonderful Comforter will automatically call you to the purpose of your love, and in so doing your life will be immediately transformed:

  1. Is my heart open to the possibility of profound Cosmic Love?
  2. Is my life a conduit for love, to alleviate the suffering of others?
  3. What part of me needs to be free before I can accept Divine Love?
  4. Do I live in constant gratitude for the bounty and abundance of Planet Earth?
  5. If my life were dedicated to the path of Zadkiel’s love, what would I do?