May I Be Abundant
May I Constantly feel Freedom
May I Love my Friendships
May I Live in Trust




Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel represents the union of Heaven and Earth, made manifest through the great OM, and the beauty of the human heart, for within the individual heart is a space for a potential marriage between the physical flesh and the Godly Spirit. For the sonar of the heart is where the super coherence between Heaven and Earth, between Human and Divine takes place, in order for us to be conduits for the abundance of the Cosmos.



Unerringly, Uriel as the ETERNAL COMPANION is a compass for the pure manifestation of unconditional love through friendship, trust and freedom. It is through this love that Uriel becomes the Angel of Destiny, and as such knows the secrets of your incarnation through the folds of time-past and time-future. In time-present, Uriel governs the Eighth Chakra of the Universal Heart, and with a Pleiadian force achieves companionship by shining a light on your path, particularly when you feel yourself stumbling along in the dark.

The questions below will help to begin magnetizing Uriel’s existence in your life experience, and ultimately into your soul

  1. Is my heart completely open to Love?
  2. Is my life a pathway open to companionship?
  3. Have I developed the power of discernment for companionship?
  4. What do I see in my community that is an example of love, and can I assist this?
  5. Do I engage in daily acts of compassion?