May I Be Intuitive
May I Live a Life Full of Spirit
May I Be Made Joyous by the Awe of Magic
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is the keeper of the DIVINE MYSTERIES and so this guardian Angel of Illumination is the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul, just as the Great Pyramid and Sphinx hold the secrets of bygone civilizations. Therefore, drawing Raziel into your daily devotions will allow you to experience life drawn from a deeply profound connection with the sacredness of the Cosmos. Once you allow this magic into your life the veil of illusion parts, and you will see life truly as it is, full of a love that stretches for infinity.



Being with Raziel’s countenance means we experience life, fused with the knowledge of the afterlife, and as intuition melds with conscience, faith awakens us to visionary faith in the power of the Universe. Raziel governs our dreams and the vestigial Third Eye Chakra and emits powerful force from the planet Neptune.

Ask yourself the following questions, and the nature of RAZIEL’S energy will move fully through your life. When you petition Raziel, the force of this resplendent Angel will help you to transform your life:

  1. Am I open to believe in the magic and mystery of creation?
  2. Am I able to sense the depth of my in-tuition?
  3. Does my soul or higher self guide my daily living?
  4. Can I use my intuition to penetrate and understand human nature and life’s mysteries?
  5. How often do I bring an awareness of infinity into my day?