May I Be Patient
May I Be Enchanted
May I Feel Powerful
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the embodiment of the Art of Alchemy, and like the Egyptian God Thoth, the Scribe of the Gods, skillfully enchants cosmic forces through us into direct rays of action. For Michael is the COSMIC LEADER of the Angels of Atlantis, lasering our lives in order to cleanse all negativity. Michael is aligned with the planet Jupiter’s energy, which moves us to expand our horizons through transmutation, patience, the I am Presence, bringing us to enchantment. In this, Michael uses the love of the heart as a unique dialing force to make sure integrity takes full lodging in our consciousness.



As night follows day, as spring follows winter, as all conditions exist in duality, the force of Alchemy may transmute all negativity. Thus, Michael comes to lead us in the expiation and atonement of all karma, all sense of self-doubt, and all feelings of self-inflicted negative emotion. And so we are resurrected to our divine inheritance, living lives of love and joy-filled bliss, opening our Crown Chakra to the infinite splendor of abundance – in Michael’s case with the helping power of the planet Jupiter.

In order to embody Angel Michael’s values, ask yourself:

  1. Am I open to the greatness of my potential power?
  2. Am I sustained by the notion of life’s enchantments?
  3. Do I honor the power of choice?
  4. Am I fearful or joyous about being the master/mistress of your destiny?
  5. Am I the Leader of the core elements of my life?