May I Be Wise
May I Be Merciful
May I Be Intuitive
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron brings us the iridescent force of the SUPERNAL TEACHER concerning the things that were, things that are, and things that have not yet come to pass. Thus Metatron speaks from the core of this Oracle with Divine intelligence, miraculous power, refined wisdom and great mercy, startling us to act upon that which concerns our soul, that which helps us to recognize our wholeness.



Metatron possesses the key to the Akashic records, as seen in the icon, and so aids the revelations that occur at this time of the great shift. Being thus, Metatron will allow you to see the wisdom in any conundrum, will solve any puzzle, will provide light in the darkest of caves, and so stimulates you to reveal information about your soul’s code, and the relevant incarnations you have lived. In turn, these teachings will allow you to hear this great spiritual teacher secreted in the godliness of your soul, who wishes you to bring forth the extra-sensory abilities that you possess. Metatron governs the Twelth Chakra Stellar Gateway, and issues energy from the planet Sirius.

To truly feel the experience of Metatron’s teaching ask yourself:

  1. Am I clear about the profound meaning of my life?
  2. Am I sustained by the conviction that each moment of life is miraculous?
  3. Does my love flow in the world bringing me joy?
  4. Do I honor and celebrate the wisdom of my soul’s intelligence?
  5. Am I open to receive divine messages?