May I Be Liberated
May I Be Forgiving
May I Feel Joy
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the cosmic force brought forth to aid us with the nature of our spiritual liberation. Jophiel lovingly frees us to comprehend the greatest teaching of the HOLY LIBERATOR, and like the great Buddha in the icon above, to detachment through stillness. For this profound quality always releases us from conflicting feelings and erroneous thoughts, thereby we stir forgiveness, liberation, meditation and ultimate joy within our lives.



The furthest planet from the Sun is Saturn, and this noble entity gave forth the celestial fire that drew Jophiel’s citrine essence into creation. Therefore, with such ability for ‘remote viewing’, this great Archangel allows us to perceive exactly where our limitations lie, how we may release ourselves from their hold, and so provides us with the perspective to review the emotion of the Third Chakra, feeling as it does the gains and seeming losses of life.

Jophiel brings vitality, stimulation, and the power to liberate oneself from the prison of negativity, the slough of despond, or from the cage of miscreation. Therefore, in order to draw Jophiel’s energy closer to you, to feel the force of this Archangel’s citrine light in the flesh of your being, ask yourself:

  1. In which situations of my life do I not feel liberated?
  2. What do I need to do, to regenerate my being?
  3. Where in my body do I feel detachment from negative impulse?
  4. Which aspect of my emotional life needs optimum healing through love and joy?
  5. How can I bring a great sense of liberation to those I love?