May I Be Strong
May I Be Courageous
May I Be Steadfast
May I Live In Peace




Archangel Hanael

Archangel Hanael invokes us to champion our willpower with the shield of humility, and to live sustainable love through strength, integrity, courage and purpose. As the SACRED WARRIOR, Hanael evokes our spiritual muscles to be in peak condition, fostering a sense of direction that emits peace through each breath, hope in each movement, and integrity in each step. For make no mistake, we are receiving cosmic encouragement from the Angelic kingdom at this time of great soul-striding, to harmonize our cardinal virtues, so that we may meet the ascending vibrations of the Galactic Heart, and to ultimately move into the fifth dimension.



Hanael’s cosmic force is suffused with Mars energy and therefore strengthens the Base Chakra to flow with greater ease identifying who we are – for the main thing, is always to keep the main thing the main thing – and so we create joyous, love filled lives, full of creativity that allows us to know we are from the Source, and that any other feeling is simply an illusion!

To fully embody Hanael’s amazing force, to feel the force of this Archangel’s splendor as yours, to draw this Archangel’s ruby force deeper into your being are you living these values:

  1. In which life situations do I not feel sure and steadfast?
  2. What actions in others cause me to feel most vulnerable?
  3. When do I feel insecure, and why does this state occur?
  4. What aspects do I need to relinquish when feeling fear?
  5. How can I become the Captain of my soul living with full integrity?