May I Be Clear in my Soul
May I Be Eloquent in my Loving
May I Live In Ease





Archangel Gabriel is the DIVINE MESSENGER of God, who brings us inspiration in order to assist us with transition and change. Gabriel inspires us to receive divine unction directly from the Source. For Gabriel’s messages align us with who we truly are, blessed in the soul’s arousal of our spiritual path. Therefore, receiving this Angel’s inspiration means we fully discover that love and compassion, are the only way forward to freedom – an initiation that is announced in the breath of heaven.



To draw Gabriel and the divine message of this Oracle deeper into your life, to feel the mighty force of this Angel’s love flowing through your body bringing you balance, inspiration, blessing and grace, to hear the whispering of this Angel’s wisdom asking profound questions of your soul acknowledging that part of you which moves as a messenger – open your Throat Chakra, express your heart felt realities, recognize the closely aligned Mercury communication energy that moves through you, stimulated by Gabriel.

Speak to the scribe secreted in the Godliness of your soul, and converse with a voice of love. Open your heart to the bounty of its wisdom, and when answers arise, the lapis lazuli elixir of Gabriel will be bring the exquisite elixir of expression through all your creative endeavors.

Therefore, ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a clear vision of the inspiration of love and joy in my life?
  2. Am I able to be a Messenger and express the conviction of my soul’s creativity?
  3. Is my conduct with other folk full of graciously inspired kindness?
  4. Am I open to the notion of ‘surrendering’ so as to receive Divine messages?
  5. Am I open to communicate every aspect of my soul through the great I AM PRESENCE?