The Angels Of Atlantis Are Here

They are creating an especial connection with you and me, and through the sound and intention of glory and praise, they inspire and uplift us to acts of great love and wisdom. For this is the period of the great shifting point, this is an era where we return to the spiritual intelligence of our being, this is a time for the heart to champion our lives as co-creative beings within the life of the Galaxy.

These vessels come to help you feel and see these Orb Wanderers, the Angels of Atlantis:

• the Book entitled THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS (published in 2011)
• the Oracle ANGELS OF ATLANTIS (published in 2012)
• the Oracle ANGEL HEART SIGILS (published in 2013)
• the Book entitled ANGELS AND THE KEYS TO PARADISE (published in 2014)

The Angel’s role is to encourage us back to wholeness, through love and joy. The Angel’s intention is for us to bring forth a Divine Song – the song of our soul – so that we may speak and chant our hearts desire into opening, and our soul’s content into manifestation.

The Angels desire is that we re-perceive ourselves as not being alone, but part of the whole well being of the Universe, where nothing but abundance exists.

This is the time, after many years of unfolding, that we may conceive of ourselves as wholly ‘holy’, and for this special purpose they speak to us through the creative outpouring shown below, for they want to know you intimately, and for you to allow them to drench our lives with their elixir.

The Oracles & Books reveal the characteristics of the twelve supernal Malachim Archangels and their stories. They appear as Orbs, radiating such love, wisdom, healing and inspiration, and arising directly from the core of the Angelic Kingdoms.

The ANGELS OF ATLANTIS Oracle is an introduction to their force and inteligence, and creates a powerful tool to feel them changing your life forever.

Whereas within the ANGEL HEART SIGILS Oracle the Angels have revealed their loving hearts to help us feel their special manna from heaven. So that we may experience Adoration, Balance, Benediction and Beauty through to Compassion, Ecstasy, Intuition, Romance and Surrender. The Oracles will readily answer any of your questions about health, wealth, relationships and career. In addition, they will help us to develop our unique Oracular abilities, with their light shining onto the path of your intuition.

Therefore, use the Oracles to allow the Angels to bring well-being and joy into your life, just as they did for the Atlanteans.

You may purchase both the ANGELS OF ATLANTIS & ANGEL HEART SIGILS ORACLES directly from

You may also upload the APP of the first Oracle should you wish to have them on your smart phone for daily, or hourly checks.



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