Orbs Are Light Beings

The phenomenon of Angel and Spirit Orbs first came to everyone’s attention at the advent of the digital camera. Scientists have attempted to verify, that these unusual sightings through the camera’s lens, are not refractions of light or distortions of color oscillating from particles of earth’s debris. Their conclusions would appear to suggest that these often tantalizingly shapes, are images of a light source that has hitherto been unexplained.

The Angelic Kingdoms and Spirits from other dimensions have for some time indicated that their presence would be seen, heard and felt when the collective consciousness was ready. This time is now. The times we live in are remarkable, bringing forth more love and light through the knowledge of our heartfelt inter-connectedness, than formerly experienced. Therefore, they come forth to provide information – to love, uplift, inspire, teach, enlighten, transform and heal.

Each ORB is of a specific attunement, offering its unique love and compassion as an acknowledgement of the light of the Soul within the Cosmos. These particular ORBS exists when their force shifts onto a lower frequency in order for its light to be seen through the camera. Similar phenomena will also be experienced very soon through the organ of MP3 digitalized sound instruments. In short, other life forms that exist will be in communication with homo sapiens. As a consequence we can now see Spirit, and soon we will all hear Spirit and other life forms that exist within the Cosmos.

The entities seen are Angels, Unicorns, Faeries, Earth Elementals and Cosmic Portal Watchers. They come in their radiant forms to encourage us to take the longest soul-stride that human beings have ever taken. We have purposefully not identified their source, or named them here – rather that we be drenched by their awe and joy, and so draw them deep into our minds and hearts and souls. NAMASTE.

Luxor Egypt during the RESURRECTION RETREAT December 2012

Video take by Laleema Kuthiala.

Thank you all for sending these unique ANGEL ORB photos…… Stewart