Dear Alchemy Acolytes,

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to sunny California; a little work in Los Angeles and then leisure time with a dear friend in San Diego.

Whilst in southern California I visited the Yogananda Parahamansa Centre in Encinitas. This is one of the most beautiful Ashrams that Yogi created to bring the “Self Realization Fellowship” into existence in the West. Although much of the Ashram is private, consisting of buildings for the Brahmachari, there is a ‘meditation garden sanctuary’ open to the public which I visited.

This is a garden of exquisite energy, lovingly tendered by the Brahmachari and the nature spirits that danced through the many vales. Each area of the garden peacefully reveals yet another aspect of the Divine, bathing all in a paradisical serenity, overlooking the great ocean of the Pacific.

Whilst meditating, Angels came to me, firstly presenting themselves as many coloured prismatic orbs, and then as shafts of multi-coloured light dancing through the aura of each tree and plant, and I heard:

“To love for the sake of love is Angelic
To love for the sake of being loved is Human”

Then, an Angel of Sound sang to me a song that was a language of light. I was enraptured and telepathically intuited how many Human Angels are appearing on Planet Earth ~ the Blue Planet ~ at this time. They are the thoughts of God, and this is largely happening as the 13,000 year cycle comes to closure. Kundalini re-alignments are taking place within the planet, and indeed within the whole of the Solar System at this time, as a gradual unfolding of Cosmic Creative Intelligence.

Human Angels vibrate through a three helix DNA, enabling them to shimmer the greater light of the Christos frequency, which is in harmony with the increased vibration of LOVE on our planet. What a GIFT!

Much information was given to me to assist with PART SIX of THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE which is entitled “Wings of Light”.

This workshop will be firstly presented at Easter 2009.

In the meantime: please watch the following dvd which will illustrate the exquisite and unique substance of which I write: